Lisa Halko

“Sailing Lessons” Read at Stories on Stage-Davis

Lisa Halko read my story “Sailing Lessons” last night at Stories on Stage–Davis, and she killed it. Lisa was kind enough to meet with me before the reading to talk about the narrator of the story, a sixty-something woman whose husband has just retired and decides they should sail around the world. Lisa did a great job giving voice to the character.

StoryQuarterly 51

“The Rides of March” Accepted by StoryQuarterly

I just heard from Stephanie Manuzak, Managing Editor of StoryQuarterly, that they’ve accepted my story “the Rides of March for publication. This is a great publication, established back in 1975, and I couldn’t be happier. The story is taken from a draft of a novel by the same name. I actually shopped the novel around to agents and drew zero interest. I mean zip.



Before . . . Last April, after sending out around fifty queries for two novels, and probably twice that many short story submissions over the past three years, with no success, I decided to take a break from writing and try to figure out what I was do ...


The Light in L.A.

Watch this video on The Scene. The New Yorker recently posted a video online (embedded above) taken from its show, which airs on Amazon. The video is based on one of my favorite pieces in the magazine: an article called "L.A. Glows," written by Lawrenc ...


A Riot Every Generation?

In my current WIP, California Incline, the story suggests that the Rodney King riots would never really end in the sense that its root causes were (are) still present: But even though John had left town, he hadn't escaped anything, because a riot isn't a ...


The In Crowd

When I'm in a courtroom for jury duty, I feel comfortable. Which is strange because when I was practicing law back in the late-80s and 90s, I never felt comfortable. I had all the right credentials – good school, big firm – and I looked the part (whi ...

My seat at Peets

I’ve Become One of Those People

My seat at Peets Sadly, I have become one of those people who have to have their seat at the local coffeehouse. It's embarrassing. Everyone I know in Davis knows they can find me at the local Peets. And if I'm not in my seat – the seat all the way to ...

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

A Joyless Existence

Lately, I have been reading background material – books, blogs, news articles – on the Korean American experience. I am working on a novel that involves the 1992 Rodney King Riots (sa-i-gu, in Korean: the April 29th Incident) as background, and more spe ...