little somethings press, Issue 1
little somethings press, Issue 1

A nonfiction piece I wrote is going to be published early next year in a really cool little publication called little somethings press. Actually, the piece is a flash memoir, and is only 300 words long (the maximum they accept). I have trouble keeping short stories under 5,000 words, so it was quite a challenge.

In fact, I didn’t set out to write a flash memoir. I didn’t even know that was a thing. It just happened that I had written a small memory, involving peanut butter, after a close friend had died. “Close friend” isn’t exactly accurate. Peter and I had met in college, and played music together. At different points we also lived together and worked together and still somehow managed not to kill each other. For those few years, were very close. Then, as these things happen, we went different ways, intersecting every so often, usually around something involving music. But it had been probably fifteen years between the last time I had seen Peter and I heard from a friend that he had died.

In any case, I had the memory I had written down. little somethings press had just put out its first issue, and I really liked it. Not just the writing they chose, but the fact that each journal is handmade, with decorated cardboard covers and hand binding. It comes wrapped in brown paper and twine. I thought it would be a cool home for the memory I had jotted down, and something I would like to send to a few people who would know exactly the scene and memory I had described.

I’m looking forward to seeing the issue sometime in February 2020.

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