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Success and Lack of

Here in the depth of the Davisville winter (grey mornings and sometimes full days of tule fog), I have decided to revamp my website. In doing so, I’ve been looking back on my desultory blog posts, and realize that in the last couple years they’ve mostly been just about publications and public performances of my work. It feels a little bit like braggery. I feel like I need to explain.

Stories on Stage-Sacramento

“San Andreas’ Fault” Read at Stories on Stage-Sacramento

Ethan Ireland read my story “San Andreas’ Fault” last night at Stories on Stage-Sacramento. The other story was an excerpt from An Excess Male by Maggie Shen. Together, our stories comprised a sort of quasi sci-fi evening of fiction. SOSS billed it as “dabbling in dystopia and tinkering with time.” The “tinkering with time” part being my contribution.