Publication Day!

On the Pony Express Trail at Avid Books, Davis.

On the Pony Express Trail is here! The book published June 1, 2023. And as exciting as it was to see PDF proofs, there’s nothing like seeing it on the New Arrivals table of my local book store. You can ask for a copy from yours, or order it online.

Following are a couple of reviews.

“Each year, hundreds of bicyclists undertake long-distance trips. Most never leave paved roads. A few, however, choose the lesser traveled dirt and gravel byways. But even among those few, many never take the time to really explore and appreciate the history of the country they are traversing. The destination rather than the ongoing experience takes precedence. Scott Alumbaugh is a rare exception. His prior research into all aspects of the Pony Express plus his willingness to absorb everything around him as he travelled this historic route is most apparent. You can’t help but be drawn back into an earlier time before modern conveniences made transcontinental travel safe and routine. The dust, the scorching summer temperatures, and the wind – the constant wind – are ever present as Scott brings you with him on his adventure.”

Don Weinell Author, Bicycling the Oregon Trail 


“On the Pony Express makes readers feel like they’re tucked into Scott Alumbaugh’s saddle bags and along for the ride on the iconic mail route. He chronicles his adventures and missteps through the west’s expansive landscapes, extreme conditions, and complex historical legacy with a healthy dose of mirth and heart. You’ll laugh out loud, groan at the setbacks, soak in the kindness of strangers and marvel of all that’s transpired on this rollicking ride through the American West.” 

Ally Johnson, Executive Director of Bikepacking Roots