Will Kill for Food — one of three winning novellas of the 2014 Black Hill Press Summer Writing Project (now Heritage Future)

Short Stories


Sailing on San Francisco Bay

Sailing on San Francisco Bay

For thirteen months in 2008-09 I wrote a sailing column for Bay Crossings, a free newspaper for ferry passengers on San Francisco Bay. My task was to write essays focusing on different aspects of seamanship. Loosely defined as the “art and skill of boat handling,” seamanship encompasses the knowledge, judgement, and experience that enables someone to operate a boat safely, and includes areas such as the Rules of the Road, interpreting chart markings, understanding navigational lights, and more. To read the articles, go to Bay Crossings’s website and search “alumbaugh.”

Leaving Tandem Properties at the start of the 2009 Gold Rush Randonnée

A serial blog documenting my experience riding in the 2009 Gold Rush Randonnée, a 750-mile cycling event that runs from Davis, Ca to the Oregon border and back.