The North Davis Ditch

Ditch Thoughts

The North Davis Ditch For some number of years now, I have made the local Peet's my go-to place for writing. At points along the way, I have progressively (regressively?) changed my mode of transportation going to and fro from driving, to riding my bi ...

Writing a letter

Thoughts on Letter Writing

So I've written a couple of letters now (sticking with the one-a-day thing), and I have a couple of observations. First, let's just acknowledge here that having observations about letter writing is itself pretty weird. I mean, why would that even be a th ...

Spencerian Penmanship

Learning to Handwrite

Spencerian Penmanship practice book I have been training myself to handwrite over the past few years. It's a lot harder than I ever would have thought. My writing has always been bad. I remember an elementary school teacher comparing it to cuneiform. ...

Paper and pen


Yeah, I've got the supplies, but . . . InCoWriMo stands for International correspondence Writing Month. The idea is to write and send a letter every day in February. I suspect it's little more than a Hallmark event, the kind of thing drummed up to sel ...

old website

Success and Lack of

Here in the depth of the Davisville winter (grey mornings and sometimes full days of tule fog), I have decided to revamp my website. In doing so, I’ve been looking back on my desultory blog posts, and realize that in the last couple years they’ve mostly been just about publications and public performances of my work. It feels a little bit like braggery. I feel like I need to explain.

Stories on Stage-Sacramento

“San Andreas’ Fault” Read at Stories on Stage-Sacramento

Ethan Ireland read my story “San Andreas’ Fault” last night at Stories on Stage-Sacramento. The other story was an excerpt from An Excess Male by Maggie Shen. Together, our stories comprised a sort of quasi sci-fi evening of fiction. SOSS billed it as “dabbling in dystopia and tinkering with time.” The “tinkering with time” part being my contribution.

Meat for Tea

“Sailing Lessons” Accepted by Meat For Tea

Elizabeth MacDuffie, Editor-in-Chief of Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, contacted me to say she was going to publish “Sailing Lessons” in the next issue. I’m so glad this story is finally finding a home. Even though Stories on Stage-Davis acceptet it for reading, it has been rejected by forty other publications. So, either I finally edited it down to a publishable form, or, as is often the case, editors’ tastes simply differ.