The North Davis Ditch
The North Davis Ditch

For some number of years now, I have made the local Peet’s my go-to place for writing. At points along the way, I have progressively (regressively?) changed my mode of transportation going to and fro from driving, to riding my bike, and now, to walking. I walk there most days through every weather short of driving rain. The walk is about a mile, takes about twenty minutes, and is generally a nice little break in my day.

A month or so ago, I added a wrinkle. I decided to give the intermittent fast a try. That is, only to eat within a ten-hour window each day. The window starts at 10am. In practical terms, that means I’ve had most of a cup of coffee before I eat. That has translated into a huge bump in my daily productive output, at least with regard to writing.

It also, somehow, makes my walks as my most creative period of the day. A little over half of my walk is on a dirt path along a drainage canal fondly known locally as “The Ditch.” The Ditch is by no means gorgeous, but it is quiet and car free. And somehow the combination of walking and eating less and pre-loading my system with caffeine leads me to think up the best sentences and phrases while I’m walking in it. I often stop now to text myself snippets of thoughts.

At some point, this stage will no doubt give way to another. But for now, it is a wonderfully productive experience.

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