Fun in the Emergency Room

It is just under a year since my last blog entry here. Not because I have been inactive. More because I have nothing to report on the writing front.

During the first quarter last year, I sent out queries to agents for a novel (my third) which over time generated as much interest as my fort two novels: None. But because most agents don’t bother to send rejections, it takes a while for the faint ember of hope engendered by the lack of a rejection letter to die out.

Also, during this time I decided to bikepack the Pony Express trail, all two thousand miles of it, from St. Joseph, MO to Sacramento, CA. The route is nearly all off-road, and will be riding it with a mountain bike hauling a cross-country trailer for my text and supplies. The trip will probably take two moths or more. I also plan to write about it, and to that end, have set up a separate website where I’m collecting my research and notes. It’s over at ponyexpressride.com. I’ve been focusing my efforts on that project rather than writing more stories and keeping this site up.

Pony Express
Logo for my new venture, the Pony Express Bikepacking trip

That being said, I recently broke my clavicle (while riding home from the grocery store, of all things), so I am not sure when I’ll get to make the Pony Express Ride. I was hoping for June, but now I’m waiting to heal.