Fire Illness
“Fire Illness,” published on Hunger Mountain;’s website

My first short story, “Fire Illness,” has just been published. It was named Runner-Up in the 2016 Howard Frank Mosher Short Fiction Prize hosted by Hunger Mountain, the literary Journal of the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Matt Bell was the guest judge.

For the record, I first started sending this story out for publication in April 2015. After the first round of rejections, I revised it repeatedly over the ensuing months with help from online critique partners through Inked Voices, and from other writers in Naomi Williams’s Writing Salon here in Davis. Over the course of two years, I sent the story to twenty-five publications before it found recognition at Hunger Mountain.

I love this story and am glad it finally found a life outside my computer, so to speak. It is published on the Hunger Mountain website and you can read it here. If you read it and have any thoughts you want to share, please feel free to let me know.