I Don™t Get John Grisham

I don™t get John Grisham. Never have, really. But I also never figured it was worth the effort. He writes crap that sells. (As one critic notes, his second novel, The Firm, œsold a bazillion copies. Not technically accurate, perhaps, but close enough.) I read a couple of his novels and didn™t see any reason to read more.

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Signing Up

Part of the process of becoming a writer these days is signing up. Services abound. Resources are overwhelming. Many are free, unless you count the time you take to search, scan, read, save, post, forward, or archive them. All of them require at least a little time commitment. I signed up for two things today.

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The Plan

Okay, so here's the writing plan. None of this is particularly original. But it is enough of a plan that it actually gives me a roadmap, something I need if I'm to make any progress at all. As to the plan itself . . .

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