The Plan

Okay, so here’s the writing plan.  None of this is particularly original.  But it is enough of a plan that it actually gives me a roadmap, something I need if I’m to make any progress at all.  As to the plan itself . . .

I would like to be able to write a novel or two.  Or more.  And get them published. You know.  To make it easier to get a novel published, I want to create a track record by publishing shorter fiction, short stories.  At the same time, it struck me that I could use short stories to develop characters for the novel.

So my thought was to take a basic novel idea, even if not fully formed, figure out who the main characters are, and write stories about each.  And further, that the stories would highlight some trait of that character that is central to their actions in the novel. So, for instance, if a character in the novel is particularly political, try to write the story about how they got that way.

Not really an original idea, I’m sure.  But one that breaks things down in a manageable fashion.  With luck, I can publish these stories in magazines, collect them as a book, then use that as a foundation for a novel.

Ya, not original.  But simple.  Well, still a lot of work.  Approachable might be a better word.  Less overwhelming?