Scott’s current major work in progress is Zero Tolerance, a novel about U.S. immigration. Here’s a quick blurb:

There™s nothing like the death of a client to get a lawyer™s attention.

Up to the day Roberto Vargas Garcia died, his deportation case was important to John Laughlin only as a means to an end, a quid pro quo with another attorney to secure his partnership at Blaine, Charles & Moore. Immigration and Customs Enforcement had set out to deport Roberto Vargas as it had and was in the process of deporting thousands of other immigrants. Whether Vargas was allowed to stay in the U.S., or was transported back to Mexico, would have no effect on John™s life. He just needed to keep up his end of the bargain by making a good faith effort to fight the order.

All of that changes when Roberto Vargas dies while in ICE custody on the eve of his immigration court hearing.

ZERO TOLERANCE is set during June 2018, when U.S. immigration authorities were separating children from parents at the border and deporting as many immigrants as possible, including legal residents who™ve lived in the country for decades. It follows the story of a corporate attorney who becomes involved in the immigration imbroglio despite his attempts to ignore it; attorneys and volunteers who work on behalf of immigrants; and immigrants and their families who lives are riven by a Kafkaesque immigration bureaucracy.