Cattle on the 101

Cattle on the Highway
Cattle on the Highway

So far, I’ve come across two sources that mentioned using the new state highways (circa 1910-20) as covenient roads for cattle drives. I think it’s an interesting overlapping period. I guess up into the 1920s cattle still needed to be driven to slaughter houses or railroad termini. Up to that point, motorists had to wait for the cattle. (more…)

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Two Views of Mustard

Wild mustard
Wild mustard

Apparently, wild mustard made an impression in late-1800s Southern California . . .

The wild mustard in Southern California is like that spoken of in the New Testament, in the branches of which the birds of the air may rest. Coming up out of the earth, so slender a stem that dozens can find starting-point in an inch, it darts up, a slender straight shoot, five, ten, twenty feet, with hundreds of fine feathery branches locking and interlocking with all the other hundreds around it, till it is an inextricable network like lace. (more…)

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Used Bookstore Tour

A couple of weeks ago I drove to Southern California. The rest of the family was already there, at a campground, and I drove down to met them. This has…

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"The shepherds, the herdsmen, the maids, the babies, the dogs, the poultry, all loved the sight of Ramona." I recently read Ramona, the 1884 novel by Helen Hunt Jackson that launched…

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Gente de Razòn

Gente de razón is a Spanish term meaning ¨reasonable people,¨or more closely, ¨people of reason.¨ It's the term the colonial Spanish used to differentiate themselves from indiginous peoples they were subjugating…

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