San Andreas Fault

Below, and on the following pages, is the full version of San Andreas Fault. I spread it out over 8 pages because I hate reading long pages myself.

Below, and on the following pages, is the full version of San Andreas Fault. A much shorter flash fiction version is here. I spread it out over 7 pages because I hate reading long pages on the computer myself. Click the page numbers at the bottom to continue reading. This, and all long posts, are best read using Readability (IMHO).

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San Andreas Fault

Tomales Bay

Tomales Bay

“Look, it’s the San Andreas Fault. It runs right under the highway and out through the bay.”

Tanya Cho was speeding down the Shoreline Highway, pointing right, across the dashboard toward Tomales Bay. The top was down in her convertible BMW and she had to raise her voice to be heard over the wind.

Her boyfriend, John Laughlin, looked over to where she was pointing. He didn’t see anything that looked like a quake fault. He saw wild grass and shrubs next to the road. A few small pine trees growing on a slope leading down to the bay. Across the water, long rolling hills. Things you see all over northern California.

But as he looked out at the bay, then to his left across the road at more dry hills rolling golden to the east, he tried to think of how he should respond. He was uncomfortable, and his discomfort made every gesture seem overwhelmingly difficult. He didn’t mind not driving, but he hated being in this car – this typical entry level white BMW junior lawyer’s car. He didn’t like having to yell or strain to hear. He really didn’t have much interest in talking at all. But he knew he had to say something.

“It’s not San Andreas’ fault,” he said, almost to himself. “It’s nobody’s fault.”

“What?” Tanya yelled back. “Nobody’s what?” She held her hair back from her face with her right hand as she turned to look at John. She was smiling, excited by the beauty of the drive, following the fault line, looking forward to coffee and breakfast in Point Reyes Station a few miles ahead.


[…] First, I knew we had to meet Dean before the verdict in the Rodney King case was announced (Wednesday), and that we had to stay with him until he decides to join the Koreatown peace march (which takes place Saturday, the day after the story ends). I also knew I needed quiet time in the series of events to get some background in on Dean, Jun, and Ron. Dean’s friend John appears in the beginning and end of the story as a constant by which to measure Dean’s emotional change. John and Tanya are both in this story because they are also in the novel I plan to write. (You may also recall that John and Tanya appear as a couple having some issues in “San Andreas’ Fault”.) […]

I loved your story and am very happy you are writing again!

Such familiar terrain; felt as though I were traveling along with Tanya and John (though glad not actually to be; been an unwilling witness to enough of those uncomfortable, awkward situations).

really really great….

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