Jul 112014

Why I Wrote the Story

Trouble at Rindo's Station

1953 magazine in which “Trouble at Rindo’s Station” was first published

For some time, I have been planning to write a novel about the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Riots (also known as the Rodney King Riots, the South Central Riots, the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Disturbance, and the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest, and, in the Korean American community as  Sa-I-Gu).… Read the rest

Jun 122014

Will-Kill-for-Food coverThis morning my novella, Will Kill for Food, was accepted by JukePop for online publishing. The short story (no pun there) is that I’d like to ask anyone who’s interested to go here to read the first chapter. If you like it, you might go further and join the site to give the story a + vote, add the story to your bookshelf, and continue reading chapters as I post them in the upcoming weeks.… Read the rest