Jul 102009

GRR by the Numbers

  • Total hours: 81 hours, 48 minutes
  • Hours slept: Approx. 10 (at 7 different stops)
  • Feet climbed: Approx. 26,000 ft.
  • Riders starting: 105 total (88 riders for the 1,200k, and another 17 who were doing a 1,000k plus another 200k.
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Jul 092009

600k Brevet Redux
Mile 654.8 to Mile 745.7

The ride south from Oroville started out nice. The temperature was warm and pleasant, the roads easy. Again, I felt energized by the long stop.

Mario was being extra cautious not to get in front and pull me.… Read the rest

Jul 082009

Downhill, Upwind, and Narrow
Mile 576.5 – Mile 654.8

I felt good rolling out from Taylorsville. I was rested, fed, and knew the prevailing grade would be down hill from here through Feather River Canyon. There were rollers, there would be headwind.… Read the rest