Jan 072011

My last post was about a flash fiction story I wrote that dealt with the atmosphere of tension in a corporate lawfirm. It was a small example, and pretty civilized, really, given the reality. But it’s hard to know how far you can go in fiction to get a point across and still maintain verisimilitude.… Read the rest

Dec 022010

Susan Weinschenk is a psychologist with a book (Neuro Web Design: What makes them click?) and a website (What Makes Them Click). On the website, she is running a series of articles entitled “100 Things You Should Know About People.”  As of this writing, she’s up to thing number 47: “People Value A Product More Highly If It Is Physically In Front Of Them.”

Thing number 11 is entitled, “Why You Can’t Resist Paying Attention to Food, Sex, or Danger.”  In the article, she explains that humans have three brains: a new brain, a mid brain, and an old brain.  … Read the rest

Nov 182010

Part of the process of becoming a writer these days is signing up. Services abound. Resources are overwhelming. Many are free, unless you count the time you take to search, scan, read, save, post, forward, or archive them. All of them require at least a little time commitment.… Read the rest