• routineologyRoutineology (Video)
    1888 (formerly  Black Hill Press), publisher of Will Kill for Food, started a new project called Routineology. It is a collection of 30-second videos made by writers on their writing routine.  My son Kazu helped me film and edit together a clip for the project. It was fun to collaborate with him, and I think the finished product carries that sense of joy. You can view it here.
  • The How and the Why (podcast)
    A phone interview with Jon-Barrett Ingals for 1888’s podcast, The How & the Why. In the interview, I talk get to talk about my novella “Will Kill for Food,” my writing process, and related topics (like my showing people my writing). The podcast is 30minutes long, and involves two interviews. Mine is the second. If you want to skip ahead, mine starts a few seconds after the 14 minute mark.